Yael Eckstein’s position in IFCJ till date

Yael Eckstein has worked in a lot of positions for the IFCJ. She worked as an envelope filler, global executive vice president, vice president (senior), and as the director of the ministry of development for outreach. This is was led her Yael Ecksteinfather to give up on the idea of her going to the law school after seeing the level of dedication that she gave to the fellowship. Yael Eckstein kept the candle burning for the IFCJ throughout her entire life. Till date, the residence of Yael Eckstein is still seen cheerful throughout her residence in the northern part of Israel. There was even a time when Yael Eckstein left her house at the dusk and dawn to visit the Jews who were transported to Israel in odd hours too. This was mostly done when she left the responsibility of her hose to her husband and also the responsibility of her children.

She traveled to office in Jerusalem for two days in a week even though the fellowship runs its operation smoothly without her too. IFCJ was the top graded priority for her throughout her life. This included fund raising, creatingYael Eckstein stable relations with donors, and marketing at the same time to gain more and more global support. There are a total of 200 fellowships in several countries like Canada, Chicago, Brazil, Korea, and Israel.

The anonymity of Eckstein was of the primary importance to her. This was unlike her father who was well recognized and was criticized by many across the globe to be a promoter of self. Eckstein decided to keep the legacy of her parent alive throughout. His daughter is already introduced to a lot of donors and this was done as she was the right successor of her father. This created a lot of love in the minds of all the donors and the investors.