What is unique about Roberto P Casula, a cardiac surgeon?

Roberto P Casula is the Chief Surgical officer who is named as the one of the top 10 cardiac surgeons in Britain. He is a cardiac surgeon who has completed his studies in Italy and started his career as a consultant surgeon in 2000. Since then, Roberto Casula never looked back on his career. He has completed thousands of cardiac operations successfully in the UK and is also a visiting doctor who visits the European countries to perform cardiac operations. He is the first person to use robotic technology to carry out cardiac operations with minimal invasion to patients. He is the Chief surgical officer in ACI Surgical therapies and is the pioneer to use robotic enhanced and minimal access surgery at Imperial College Healthcare.

Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula operated thousands of cardiac patients who are suffering with severe cardiac problems and has carried out the first coronary bypass without actually opening the chest of the patient in the year 2002. Since then, he has used the same producer 132 times. He holds MD, FRCS and FETCS degrees behind his name and is a senior consultant Cardiothoracic surgeon working at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust in London and carried out operations in many patients with first open heart surgery that was done by him in the year 1990. He is best and expertise in minimal access cardiac surgery and robotic enhanced surgeries in the United Kingdom. He is the man who is behind is the robotic cardiac surgical clinical program held at Imperial college. He is the only cardiac surgeon who is using robotics in the UK. There are many benefits that are offered by the robotic enhanced and minimal access cardiac surgery to the patients. The patients who undergo this surgery would end up with very minimum scars and less pain. There are only less infections that a patient is prone to after the surgery. This also boosts the speed at which the patient is recovered emotionally and physically.