What are the different agendas that IFCJ acts upon?


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews act on some specific agendas for the smooth flow of their work process at large scale so that they can move forward towards their aim step by step. The different plans and schemes they work upon may be summarized and listed below:

IFCJ reviews

  1. Praying for the country of Israel.
  2. Provoke commoners to join willingly to the IFCJ prayer squad.
  • Points on the Jewish prayers
  1. People donating money online.
  2. Elect representatives to head particular programmes and advocates within the body.
  3. Seek friendship with other nations, individuals or organisations.
  • Programmes relating to visiting Israel.

Detailed analysis of the agendas to act upon

The following are the plans that IFCJ implement to help Israel. The IFCJ reviews and IFCJ ratings are largely dependent upon these strategies.

  1. IFCJ requests support from all throughout the nation to pray and buttress for every single individual of Israel.
  2. A common question comes up ‘Is IFCJ a good charity?’. The answer is quite clear to the people now. Provoking people to join their team to pray for Israel is charitable approach.
  3. The prayer points are sent to the people who actually join in the prayer team. The IFCJ reviews and the IFCJ ratings largely depends on such approaches.
  4. The representatives and advocates of the body are elected among the IFCJ. They are the key reason behind keeping strong bonds with Washington.
  5. All measures taken regarding the fund collection from the common group of people are administered online and offline.
  6. IFCJ rating is influenced by the ‘Visit Israel’ programme initiated by themselves only.

IFCJ reviews


A number of development plans are there for the IFCJ to act upon. It requires great administrative skills and hardwork for the desired outcome. The IFCJ is a charitable organization working with their full potential.