United States Naval Academy Class Ring

When you want to serve the Nation on the USNA, you need to complete a diploma with the United States naval academy. The graduates who have completed the diploma will be commemorated with the US naval academy class ring in a prestigious ceremony.

The event usually takes place in spring and the ceremony focuses not only the midshipmen rather the family as a whole. After they graduate, the Midshipmen are hired as flags in the Navy or second lieutenants in the Marine Corp. They need to continue with the service for a minimum of 5 years after getting appointed.

What is a Class Ring in Naval Academy?

US naval academy class ring is generally presented to the students for the successful completion of the naval academy diploma. It is presented in the remembrance of the highest traditions of the naval service. These class rings majorly reflects your personality, basically a story written by you and instilled by the academy.




The Appearance of the US naval academy class ring

The ring is usually in the form of a seal in which it looks like a hand holding a trident. The trident marks the symbol of victory (completion of the program). Below the hand, you could see an ancient ship sailing to cross the boundaries and beneath it, an open book is seen. The open book represents the education that you are pursuing. The shield has a banner on the side portraying “US Naval Academy”. Below the shield, there is another banner that says “Ex Scientia Tridens” which means “from knowledge Seapower” This design is followed for ages but its first appearance was on Jan 25, 1899. The seals are typically made of gold.


You can witness the tradition and pride in every US naval academy class ring!