Types of Hotel You can Book Online when Traveling

When traveling place of residing becomes one of the most essential aspects of a person. It is like a home away from home. Be it for vacation or business, people travel all over the world throughout a year. Hence, it is better to understand different hotel types available for one to select. Have a look at it all in detail!

  1. Boutique hotel

Reservations.comThis is a type of hotel was quite popular in 1980s and 90s. It refers to a small hotel that has somewhere between 10 and 100 rooms in a quite unique setting with customized USPs and upscale accommodations. Though it was not quite favorable for people in late 90s, the trend of living in such hotels gradually rose again from the 2000s. Even internationals chain hotels have subsidized boutique hotels nowadays to capitalize on this growing trend.

  1. Motel

These type of hotels were mainly designed for motorists as it offers a parking structure for motor vehicles which are in front of the rooms. These were hotels which consisted of a single building which had connected rooms and its doors faced the parking area. Those are individually owned primarily, there are motel chains all over the world. Also, one can be booked easily from Reservation.com.

  1. Bed and breakfastReservations.com

In short, these are called B&B which are simply small establishment which provides overnight accommodation as well as breakfast. These are generally private family homes and has somewhere between 4 to 11 eleven rooms. These are generally chosen by couples who seem to spend some time in a quiet setting.

  1. Apartment hotels

These are serviced apartments that use booking system like hotels. It is similar to renting apartments. However, there is no contract and people can check out any time they want.

These are some of the hotel types which one can book online these days. Depending on the place of vacation, duration of stay, total number of people and budget, one can easily book these.