Titanium Faces Industry’s Challenges in Harsh Environments

Titanium is most demanded metal on this earth in the contemporary time that has become important part of most global industries. This metal has created its dominance both in light and heavy industries because it has few extraordinary properties and it can be put into multiple applications conveniently.ti tube

Great properties of titanium

The extraordinary properties that make titanium suitable for multiple applications are high-strength, low-weight material with high corrosion resistance. Moreover, this metal is so malleable and ductile that it can be conveniently molded into sheets, wires, bars, ducts, and more desired forms and shapes. Many industries use this metal in their equipment, but some industries such as military, oil and gas industry, and other industries that use undersea equipment and liquid corrosive substances make best use of titanium for tubing. There is a good reason to use titanium tube or Ti tube in these equipments to prevent corrosion because titanium has great corrosion resistance property.

Great sustainability and performance in tough situations

If we specially compare applications in both military and oil and gas industry, we find that there are various issues with their equipment. Military sometimes use the equipment under seawater which poses a great danger of corrosion.

ti tubeThe increasing depth of oil exploration wells, and increasing temperature at more depth are the factors that affect performance of the tubes used in equipment, but Ti tube is a good solution as titanium assures both sustainability and performance under various tough situations. Titanium can fulfil the requirements of most industries that face tough situations.

Combating with tough environment through titanium use

We know important properties of titanium, but there are many more properties that make it suitable for critical applications. Titanium can combat with tough situation of corrosion, high temperature, and high pressure. So, there are no worries of equipment failure under any tough situation. Titanium can successfully face industry’s challenges. It is absolutely perfect for challenging environments and tough situations.