The Story of Roberto Casula That You Need To Know

In your life, you have come across various heroic characters that have been an inspiration for you. This article will introduce you to another such personality who has achieved a huge success in his career by overcoming certain obstacles.

His initial career

Roberto Casula got graduated in the field of reservoir engineering. As soon as he has done his degree he got a various offers from Italy’s large organization but he rejected most of those as he felt that those companies would not provided him the opportunity to work overseas.roberto casula

It did not take time for him to bag the job of his choice as he was soon offered from Eni Company. He chose that company as he thought that eni would offer him to work overseas. Roberto Casula eni spent his long work career here.

The journey at Eni Company

He has a long journey here, but the culture and work environment that he got here fascinated him a lot. At first, he was given the post of reservoir engineer and later on, he got various promotions and was given various posts as well. In 2005 he served as eni CEO. After a couple of years he became managing director.

How he got inspired?

It has always been a question to him about what inspired him to follow this career. Well, when it was asked to him he said that it always fascinated him to work in the oil industries and as he has a technical background he loved to begin his career with it.roberto casula

So that was the story of Roberto at eni. He was one of the most reputed employees of Eni Company where he has helped the company to grow a lot. At last, he became chairman of Italian petroleum and mining industry association.