The IFCJ Ratings Helped the Organization to Perform More Efficiently

The harrowing story of concentration camps and genocide of mass numbers of Jewish people may have faded in our minds, but the people who had the first-hand experience suffer from nightmares. The condition never got back to where they were even though the war ended decades back.

IFCJ ratingsThe IFCJ or the International fellowship for Christian and Jews took the oath of protecting this group of vulnerable people and are suffering every hardship a person possibly can even today. The IFCJ is one of the leading charity organizations that have been working tirelessly over the decades to help them with food, shelter, money, medicine, and every other basic amenity. As IFCJ is a charitable firm, the significant chunk of their money which gets invested in these programs comes from generous donations and fundraisers.

The need for evaluators:

Recently, several charitable firms cropped into the society whose main goal was to scam people money in the name of helping people who created mistrust in the community and organizations like IFCJ suffered a setback in their quest to improve the condition of impoverished Jews. This changed scenario gave birth to the system of rating and reviewing charity firms via an independent evaluator or auditor.

IFCJ ratingsThe IFCJ ratings provided by these evaluators always remained on the higher side of the scale as they stayed true to their principle of helping people. An auditor before providing the program with the final IFCJ ratings inspects and evaluates several aspects inside the firm.

How the ratings helped IFCJ?

They carefully observe the day to day operation of the firm and goes through every financial record in case they find any loopholes. The IFCJ ratings helped the organization to self-evaluate their work and improved their efficiency to a great extent. The ratings also help IFCJ to maintain a clean and transparent image of their firm in the eyes of society.