The Educational Qualifications of Blake Orlandi Justifies his Profile

The literary subscription commerce firm “Book of the Month” has achieved to grab quite a few eyeballs during the last few years of its operation due to its unique business model. Much of the credit for its success should go to the COO, Blake Orlandi because he has been able to transform the firm into one that has taken its products to the interested customer base. No doubt that the firm was in operation earlier too but then the transformation has only happened when he took charge of the situation. That means his competence, skill set,

and educational background must have played a very big role in achieving the objectives of the organization.

To be frank, he has worked in many diverse roles earlier but without a sound education, none of it could have been accomplished. Hence, we must take a look into the background of this highly-talented individual.

  • Completed the technical degree in 2005 – Without a sound technical knowledge, very few professional in today’s hard-hitting business environment can sustain himself. The same applies to Blake Orlandi He first completed his B.S. in Industrial Engineering in 2005 from the University of Pittsburgh that has surely helped him in understanding the technicalities in different roles that he has helmed till date. It gave him a solid foundation to build upon a career that has taken the world by storm.

  • Also has an MBA from Harvard – Blake Orlandi also did MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School in 2012 and that has added the needed edge which is required for leading a business. His career seems to have grown due to this important degree that has helped him to understand the intricacies of the critical business that he is in. There is absolutely no doubt that an MBA can provide the needed skills that may be required for running a well-oiled business that he leads at the moment.

We can clearly see here that the professional has the needed qualification and the expertise due to which he is able to do justice to his role.