Talk to Sonic: The Sonic’s Survey Attributes to Its Success

Sonic is the short name of Sonic Drive-In, which is a prominent huge chain of restaurants in America, serving over 3 million happy and satisfied customers every day. Stared in 1953 with the name Top Hat, it changed its name to Sonic to match its ability to provide quick sound-speed service to its customers. This is one of the reasons that attributed to its tremendous success. Another reason is the quality of food this company offers to its customers. Its rewarding survey talktosonic is also a reason behind its success.

The Sonic’s success

The outlook of Troy Smith, the founding figure behind Sonic chain, was quite different because he believed in customer satisfaction. This was the reason that he successfully created a chain of 3,500 restaurants before J. Clifford Hudson took over charge as Sonic’s CEO. Today, the presence of Sonic outlet can be seen in almost all states of United States. You can find Sonic’s locations online. You can use Store Locator on official website or Google and maps to browse stores. The website of Sonic has more information about this chain of restaurants.

The Sonic’s survey

The Sonic’s survey is available on www talktosonic com. The Sonic customers can fill surveys and get rewarded by filling the survey form. Most restaurants don’t offer reward for filling their surveys. If they offer some reward for submitting survey, it will be for positive feedbacks about restaurant’s food and service. Sonic rewards its customers with redeemable free sonic coupon, whether a customer sends positive feedback or complaint. This is an exceptional example of rewarding for adverse comments. But you must be qualified to receive this free coupon and you must also follow the rules for participation in the survey. The reward is offered in the form of free fountain drink or iced tea on next visit in exchange of coupon.