Some Literary Firms Can be Quite Exciting

There are some literary firms that can be quite exciting to follow, one of them being the “Book of the Month”. The firm has always been there in the business since 1926 but has been relaunched in 2015 in its present avatar. It is a subscription e-commerce company that offers five novels a month to its customers who are avid readers of fine literary work. The complete conceptualization of the idea can be attributed to its current CEO, John Lippman who has taken the lead in providing the best works for its readers.John Lippmann

The company not only provides the latest releases but also comes out regularly with classics of the earlier era that are quite popular among many readers. Some of the outstanding features of the firm are highlighted here to get a fair understanding of its business model.

  • It caters to a large audience – John Lippman has always maintained the significance of a large customer base so that varied reading genres can be made available to them. The firm actively promotes its offerings to more than 20 million people that shows the kind of reach and acceptance that it has amongst the masses. It also has a loyal user base of more than 1,50,000 members who are able to receive the best subscriptions each month from the company. It only helps in furthering its claim of being one of the most sought-after businesses in its segment.
  • Innovation and expertise have helped it to grow – The CEO of the organization, John Lippman has always maintained that the pole position that the firm enjoys is only due to the innovation and expertise that has been put to good use by the company. The belief in its employees and superb work-ethics have further helped the cause. The firm has always been at the forefront of utilizing innovative practices and that reflects in its work practices too.

The company, with its enterprising CEO, has helped to rebrand reading and is a reason why many people are taking to the hobby once again.