Roberto Casula’s research and publication programs


Roberto Casula, a renowned consultant surgeon in the entire United Kingdom has had several research publication programs. Till now he has been researching on topics on which he has mastered which has proved to be greatly beneficial for medical science. Being a consultant surgeon for over 10 years he has developed enormous amount of skills on his field of expertise which has led to great developments in research programs and publications. Robert Casula is an expert in the following field:

  1. Cardiac treat by robotic measures.
  2. Replacement of the aortic valve.
  3. Repairing the mitral valve.
  4. Coronary surgery by off pump method.

Research and development programs by Roberto Casula

roberto casula

Mr. Roberto is an active member of the research programs and he has had a number of publications and development programs. He has published his work in several fields pertaining to cardiac issues. Roberto Casula even reviews many science related ‘peer-reviewed journals’. He is even the editor in the prestigious advisory board named International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery. In addition to all these he is the leading cardiac surgeon in the group that trains other would be surgeons. The training group that is, the would-be surgeons are trained by Mr. Roberto himself is namely European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery (EACTS). The training process is mainly composed of thoracic surgery and cardiac related surgeries. All these training and surgeries are being taught in Strasburg which is situated in the country of France, United Kingdom.roberto casula


Mr. Roberto is presently a consultant cardiac surgeon with expertise also in the thoracic region. The numerous publications and on-going research programs are helpful for the medical science and in turn mankind as well. The hugely famous Roberto in the entire of UK is due the fact of being the only one to be using the robotic treatments on cardiac related issues.