Roberto Casula-the support system of the company

A lot has been spoken of Roberto Casula and has been discussed and read in magazines. The whole point is seeing him through different lenses. That he is attached to one of the most successful company, ENI is not enough for the Roberto Casulastudy. He joined as a mere employee a decade ago. But what is noticeable is the fact that he has reached a position in the company through his hard work and dedication. He has led the company from a level it was few years ago to here. He has actually put in his effort in a channelized manner and has helped the company.

All the things about Casula!

From all the things that have been read about the person, Roberto Casula one thing is made very clear that he is a true visionary. Back then he thought of the growth of the company and has worked towards the achievement of the dream. He has never led the failures come his way and has worked relentlessly. He has always been associated with the company and has helped it to grow.

The way of his vision!Roberto Casula

In all the interviews that he has given, he has said that the only thing that keeps him going is the support that he gets from his family. By family he means his own family and the company employees that he works with. He is very humble and has led to the success of the company almost singly handed. Roberto Casula has never looked back and always had an entrepreneurial set of mind to think of the company’s growth. He has never thought it to be something different from his existence. He has always been very kind to everyone in the company and never shows the adamancy of his position. The way he is successful, he wants the company to be.