How Osteoporosis Appears & How You Can Deal with This Bone Disease

Osteoporosis (osteoporose in Danish), a silent killer knocks the door in your life at certain stage, but you are unaware of its consequences. It has not to be taken lightly because osteoporosis is a disease of bones which are framework and support of our body system. Image strength of concrete column which has weak or rusted steel inside. This structure is not sturdy and has risk of damage, though you don’t find deformity in this structure from external appearance. In the same way, osteoporosis emrge in an asymptomatic way, unnoticed, and you feel it later when it has affected your body. When you sense its occurrence, it is already at an intermediate stage.

Appearance of osteoporosis

Osteoporose tratarappear with bone deformities, which is symptomize with chronic pain, particularly in wrist, hip and spine. This creates difficulty in performance of routine tasks and your bones become prone to fractures. A small jerk can sometimes fracture your bone due to its brittleness. Shrinkage and lowered motor coordination are other symptoms of occurrence of osteoporosis. Your life becomes difficult once osteoporosis has occurred. You need to take precaution during your early life to ensure that this disease never knocks the door to enter into your life. You can prevent occurrence of this disease by fulfilling daily need of calcium in your diet because calcium is a core element for bone strength.

Dealing with osteoporosis

Prevention is better than cure, but what if osteoporosis has occurred. There are various types of osteoporose tratamento. Calcium and vitamin D supplementation is one method to combat with this situation, but there is nothing better than having natural calcium-rich diet. You can also control it in an innate way by reducing stress. Physical activity and exercise can also help. Hormone replacement therapy is also effective to deal with this disease. Surgery is one method, but this is usually not recommended.