Good News: Audit Firms Offer Envious IFCJ Ratings

In recent times, our society stooped to a new low when dishonest people started skimming money from people in the name of charity. The number of rising very rapidly as it is one of the easiest ways to get money out of people without much question.

IFCJ reviewsThe effect of this group of scammers badly affected the goodwill of genuine charitable firms like IFCJ and many others. Once the news broke out that a racket is operating where they skim money, people questioned the authenticity of good firms as well.

The fellowship program we mentioned earlier has been dedicatedly helping the Jews across the globe, but people raised questions like Is IFCJ a good charity or another sham in the name of helping.

The importance of charity assessing firms:

The need for a third party assessing firm was becoming more and more critical with every passing day. The firm dedicated to determining the charitable organizations must not belong to their firm to maintain the authenticity of their review. The IFCJ reviews done by several assessing firm rated them quite high and stated that they have theIFCJ reviews most well-structured operation system in place for any non-profitable organizations.

The IFCJ rating provided by this assessor considers several factors and finally end the report with their rank. The report on International Fellowship of Christian and Jews stated that most of the money donated at their treasury gets used in charitable work and the reserve they have currently is not good enough to run the place even for a month.

The day to day operation at IFCJ:

The budget for each gets allocated after Board of Directors meeting, and the Board remains in office for two years, and after that, a new set of members get elected. The IFCJ ratings from several other auditing firms also shared similar opinion regarding the fellowship program.