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IFCJ Charity and its impact

It is now better to discuss about the ministries relating to the charity. In an interview when Yael Eckstein was asked to hold discussion about wide scope concerning the charity, in answer she put emphasis on the ministries saying that these ministries with their activities highlight the large scope on the part of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Yael EcksteinThe three ministries and their pivotal contribution

The first ministry is ‘Aliyah.’ Here, the mission of IFCJ and obviously of Yael Eckstein is to bring the Jews home and on the Wings of Eagles.

The charity has served special purpose in sponsoring over 750,000 Jews to create Aliyah thereby guiding and helping the Jews to shift to Israel. In doing this the charity acts as a protector to those Jews who are the victims of anti-Semitism and those who sacredly live every hour of their life with a fear of persecution. In short, the charity acts as a shelter provider.

The second ministry is named as ‘Isaiah 58’ by means of which the charity extends its helping hand to the orphans and the aged Jews who have been left with but no option to migrate to Israel. They were otherwise doomed to stayYael Eckstein back at the ‘former’ Soviet Union without any support.

The third and the last ministry but not the least is named ‘Guardians of Israel.’ Through this ministry the charity conducts programs relating to social service. To be precise, the ministry deserves special mention in providing food as well as medicine for not only the widows but also for the orphans. It also arranges for security for the Jewish people thereby constructing 5,500 bomb shelters crosswise to Israel.

All these ministries are under the supervision of one person and she is none other than Yael Eckstein, the woman power behind the progress of the charity.