Dr. Roberto P casula- An example of perfection!!!

Dr. Roberto casula has been earning a lot of reputation since he started his career. He is a famous cardiac surgeon; he is one of the best surgeons who is known for his successful operations. He has a proven track record of the successful surgeries. He is best in robotics surgery, aortic surgery, invasive surgery, laparoscopic procedures, and cardiac surgeries. He completed his studies from the Padua university medical college in Italy. He completed his post graduation degree in surgical training from one of the best universities from the United Kingdom. After the completion of studies, he got an amazing opportunity to be appointed as a consultant in 1988. He has been an inspiration to all the medical students who are selecting cardiac surgeries as their major subject as he never looked back and is famous throughout the world.

All about the professional experience of Roberto casula:

Roberto Casula

Roberto casula is having good years of experience in aortic, mitral and tricuspid valve surgeries without making it invasive. The coronary artery will circumvent grafting traditionally and perform off-pump surgeries at the same time. He also has experience in successfully carrying out atrial fibrillation surgeries. He holds many degrees such as MD, FETCS, and FRCS. He did the first heart operation in the year 1990 and also treated thousands of patients who are suffering from any sorts of cardiac problems by giving them the right treatment. He was a consultant heart surgeon in the imperial college healthcare NHS trust from 2000 and he started working as a consultant surgeon in HCS, since 2001.

Bottom line

Roberto casula have been a name that is well known for cardiac surgeries. He is an inspiration to all the medical students as he never looked back in terms of his career. Ever since he started working, he gave his all to his work and that is something that makes him different.