Current Status of West African Slaves brought to US

There is fairly high percentage of African-American population in Georgia state of United States. Most population of blacks is concentrated in the Atlanta city. Nearly 60% of this city area has overwhelmingly black neighborhoods in Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast Atlanta. This city has thus over 90% black population. Atlanta, known as black mecca, is the place where great American civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. was born and buried.

Slaves that were brought to US from W. Africa

The slaves from West Africa were brought here between 1750 and 1810, The African-American population located in Atlanta traces its origins from slaves who were brought long years back in United States to grow rice for exports. They were the perfect choice of wealthy rice planters for this job. The Africans were brought here as slaves and got settled here. Over years, the black population in several states of US increased and their children got education. This has raised their standard of living and way of thinking.


Current status of African-American population

The subsequent generations of African population migrated to US are not slaves, though racism is still immersed in American culture. The so-called African-American population has gained independence and got professionalism. Black professional events in Atlanta and black networking events in Atlanta are real examples of change which has occurred in the status of African-American population in United States. You can find these people going hand with hand with Americans in great professions.



Professionalism in African-American population

African-American population had increased in Georgia, especially in Atlanta during the previous decade leading up to 2010, but the scenario has changed in modern time. Some people have been shifted to suburbs. The population in Atlanta enjoys the advantages of professionalism because there are good opportunities of jobs in professional front in this city of Georgia. The population of blacks has stood parallel to community of pure Americans in many professional areas.