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The IFCJ was founded by Rabbi Yael Eckstein who was a brilliant man and had enormous volumes of knowledge in American as well as Israeli practises and traditions. This person was moved by the growing vie and harassment between the Jewish and Christian people. This fight has been continuing since ages and nobody was able to stop it until the foundation of the IFCJ. IFCJ reviewsThe International Fellowship of Christians and Jews comprised of determined volunteers from all over the world who had enough background knowledge and had the same intention as that of Yael Eckstein. Slowly the organisation started growing and with more hard work policies, the relations, the finance and other matters started expanding. Now they have reached a position after facing numerous obstacles and negative comments. They have succeeded in minimising or almost eradicating the diseases of rivalry between the Jews and Christians.

Overall summary of the reviews on IFCJ

The IFCJ reviews have both negative sides and positive sides. IFCJ reviewsThe work done by the IFCJ is worth praising since it has overthrown the Christian dominance over the Jews and set a flag of peace in between them. The IFCJ reviews provide evidence regarding the migration of a large number of Jews to Israel. The IFCJ put forward their helping hands to the people of Ukraine and many such places where harassment shown on the Jews were quite natural for the Christians. The IFCJ reviews also have a negative side. In those reviews IFCJ is called a traitor for helping the Jews at large. These people do not understand the meaning of peace and the policies undertaken by the IFCJ to provide help to the Jews and looking after the worldwide peace in between the Jews and the Christians who had been on separate terms since ages which affected both of these religions.