Progression Demands Sincere Leadership

Experience Counts

The formation of IFCJ was held in 1983, since then the organization is working with vast reach and increased experience to provide relief to the maximum oppressed communities. Yael Eckstein has been designated the President of the world’s leading and biggest organization, where Jews and Christians are working collectively for the upliftment of the human kind irrespective of the religion or background. The basic motive for the rise of the organization is to help the Jewish community and Israel as a whole. Apart from which, the organization focused on the better relationship between Christians and Jews.Yael Eckstein

Loyalty To Society

Yael Eckstein has demonstrated her qualities and potential, since her childhood when her father founded IFCJ. Her morale was built and strengthened by her father, to prepare her for the designation of the President of the organization. She learnt to be loyal and trusted for her community, country and above all for her organization. Every step she took, headed towards the improvement of the oppressed groups and individuals. Through the organization, she fulfilled all her vows and commitments. In order to ensure the safety and survival, of the war victims and poor people.Yael Eckstein

Israel can never forget the support and contribution of Yael Eckstein, in future years to come. Since she never worked for any individual or personal interests, instead focused on the weaker and pressurized sections of the society. Along with her personal appearance in several social gatherings and programs, she wrote her books consisting of the important messages for the countrymen. In addition to that, she kept on delivering the messages to make people aware through different other mediums. Like radio and Television shows. She prepared her fellow workers to face any kind of emergency situations, for the survival of the victims and survivors.

Society Support Caters All Sectors

Volunteers Network

Provision of the essential life system has to be available for the needy and weak groups. In order to gain back the original level of lifestyle and the lost confidence, due to the deplorable conditions caused by unavoidable situations. IFCJ has created awareness among all units of the society, for extending the hand of help.

IFCJThat can give rise to the good number of volunteers, who are willing to work in the set direction of helping the people. As it was the vision of the organization since it was found to reach out to masses for raising the bar of life to the maximum level.

The formation of IFCJ in 1983 was initiated by Rabbi Eckstein with the main motive of improving the relationship among Christians and Jews. Since the conditions of the Jews were so pathetic and needed urgent work upon plans, no one came out of the crowd for taking the onus of the resettlement of the survivors. At that point in time, the organization proved to be the most awaited shelter for the poor and migrated people. Even prior to that, the migration was a huge movement to save the lives of the sufferers.IFCJ

Vital Role In Solutions

IFCJ somehow managed to raise the funds of 1.6 billion for the safety and essentials of the Jewish migrants. The reliable sources quote, that the charity was raised from the Christians majorly. The organization not only helped the financially ignored groups of the society but also tried to run the concept of brotherhood in between the Christian and Jewish community broadly. For which, the leading names get the credit of their mission of saving the human lives and the creation of donation mediums for the bare necessities of the needy people at large. has Geared Itself To Be the Best started operations in 2014 and from that year itself, it has made rapid strides in the sector to position itself as one of the best in the industry. Mahesh Chaddah, its co-founder, believes that the domain is very powerful and it can grow bigger than anything compared to what was done by them in the past. He goes on to add that the venture provides them the perfect opportunity to display the skill sets that have been built by them over the years. Reservations.comChaddah and Yatin Patel seem to have deep faith in their product due to its delivery model and the success that it has garnered till date. They also plan to take the operations a notch higher with some detailed plans as discussed below.

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