Yael Eckstein – The most renowned Social Service Professional

Yael Eckstein, the President of the International Fellowship of the Christian and Jews strive for the humanitarian needs of the victims of Israel not only in the country but who have spread out across the universe.

Yael EcksteinThe objective of this charitable foundation is to improve and deliver caring interactive associations, to permit people and other family members to avoid individual and family issues and to handle with them when they encounter worst phases of their lifetime such as catastrophic accidents like earthquake, bomb blast, flood, fire and few others and during such instances, these charitable services will provide suitable services to meet their needs.

Their mission is to translate love and commitment for Israel and for the Christians and Jews living not only in the country but around the world. Yael Eckstein, the President of this fellowship has saved and liberated the needy Jews who wanted to pursue their prophetic immigration to Israel.

There are many instances where Yael Eckstein lifesaving ministries rescued hundreds and thousands of victims in various devastating accidents. Ulegar is one Ethiopian Jew who was rescued and brought to Israel through one of the lifesaving ministry program called Wings of Eagles. Ulegar has a saddened past. She was a young widow who lost her husband after few years of marriage. Her only happiness was her son for whom she led her life.

Yael EcksteinBut unfortunately, the Ethiopian military forcefully took him to join the army. That was the final spell, she saw her son. Unable to bear her grief, she cried a lot until her eyes got infected. There was no medical facility in her village even to treat a simple infection. As a result of which she lost her eye. Fortunately, she was identified by the lifesaving program and was rescued safely.