Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the President of IFCJ Died At an Early Age Left Many in Shock

Cremation of Yechiel Eckstein

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein whose sudden death left the whole world in tears was the creator of the non-profit organisation the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), who died on 14th February 2019 and was cremated on Eretz HaChaim in Beit Shemesh. People who have attended his wedding includes David Friedman the ambassador of US, ex-mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, Russia’s Chabad head, and one of the chief rabbis in the country.

IFCJ reviewsAs per reports, the organisation has raised donations of $1.6 billion and above majorly from Christians for helping poor, needy Jews, Holocaust survivors in Israel and in post-soviet states and poverty-stricken Israeli minorities which includes Bedouin, Druze and Arabs.

IFCJ rating is 81.45/100 as given by the charity navigator. The IFCJ reviews have always been positive with so many people working, they feel proud to be a part of such a mission. IFCJ ratings for accountability and transparency is 4/4 stars.

Different aids provided by IFCJ

Every year Eckstein used to provide aid to the victims of war and their families, renovations related to emergency units, hospitals, food for people Social Media are homeless and threaten youths, and nurturing orphanages, homes of children in villages, and basic essentials for poor children in distress.IFCJ reviews

He also used to provide food and essential needs like medicine, clothing for elder persons and poor children outside Israel.

Children whose parents were working, he used to arrange summer camps for them. From setting medical units in Moscow and ensuring securities to Jewish communities all over the world, all these shows if IFCJ a good charity or not. Rabbi used to promote his organisation through social wides, Websites, Social Media, television, radio.

Throughout his life, he has always worked for the welfare of the jews people all over the world. Eckstein also wrote a few books which emphasised on the relationship between Jews and Christians.

Maintain The Equality For Growth

Every nation consists of different segments and groups, that need more upliftment and concentration. IFCJ reviews are easy to understand, since it includes the actions and the missions of the movement that has been changing the flow of the society. In addition to which, you can easily get the course of actions planned by IFCJ. Through various other resources, that are prevalent in the country. It provides the maximum possible platform for the poor and needy groups who need urgent care and support in the society for their survival and growth that can make them live.

If IFCJ a good charity, is one of the contemporary question by the leaders and various political parties. That understands the demands of different groups that are suffering due to one or another reasons. It could be due to the war or terror attacks going on, in and around the country. There are majority of people, who are not able to meet their day to day needs, bearing the pains of the worse time in life. IFCJ ratings are in favour of the suffered groups, that have been settling down for almost nothing left in their lives after natural or man made calamities faced by them.


IFCJ rating has enhanced to a considerable extent, where people have understood the relevance and the actions completed by them. It doesn’t come easy to gather the needy people and fulfill their needs to bring them upto the level of living in a normal manner. It takes a lot of time and efforts, apart from various other resources to be contributed for the progression of the community. They always aim to strengthen the bond of jewish with the Christians. In order to make sure, that the relationships are lasting without any kind of weakness left.

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Bottom line

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An International Fellowship of Christian and Jews, and Their Working

Have you ever heard of IFCJ? Do you know what their role in society is? Well, most of the people have the same question just like you and they do not get the right information about this charity as well. But be it luckily or unluckily you have hit the right page where you will get the correct information about the working of this charity.

What is IFCJ all about?

IFCJ reviews is a charitable organization whose objective is to help the Israeli people whose lives and homes were affected by the war. The charity has been operated for long and is one of the successful charities as it has helped millions of Israel people and other from over the world to get back on their feet after the trauma.

How they raise funds and how they help people with?

Most of the important question here is how IFCJ rating do they raise fund? Lot of sources will give a lot of the different answer, but here you will get to hear about the most appropriate one. IFCJ collect fund from the people and they know in order to collect the maximum amount of funds they must reach each and every people out there with proper reasons.

They have utilized the platform of media, radio, internet to reach each and every people with relevant information and the rear about why they are raising thus funds. This has helped them to collect the fund and help the victim with proper feeding, clothing and also shelter.

It has reported that more than 2 million victims were assisted with food and shelter by raising fund through IFCJ ratings.

Hope you have understood Is IFCJ a good charity all about. Please read it carefully and have a question if you have any doubt.

Philanthropist rabbi Yechiel Eckstein


            Yechiel Eckstein is a well known philanthropist. He is well known because of the great deeds done by him in his lifetime. He dedicated a good amount of time for the welfare of others. He is much more remembered by Jews at present after the demise of Rabbi Eckstein on February 6 2019. It was a sad demise as he suddenly left his fellow members at the age of 67 after having a sudden heart failure. He was an author, philanthropist and activists. He has been well known for the foundation of the charitable organization which was mainly for the safety and security of the Jews.

Serving at IFCJ

Rabbi Eckstein

            He started with IFCJ in 1983 and at that time he had no salary and no military security as well. But he had the wish to help the Jews members in Israel and other areas. The organization had the main purpose of helping the Jews and Christians in Israel. They worked together for the safety and security. Another purpose was helping the needy Jews in Israel and across other countries. The needy were offered with food and medicines. It also helps the elderly people who were not able to find any other shelter. Another purpose of the organization was helping the poor soldier of the Israeli military,

            His daughter is the senior vice president at present at IFCJ. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein made his place in thousands of hearts by helping them. He gained a number of donations and that led the organization to become the second largest charitable organization in Israel. The IFCJ reviews explain that it helps the immigrants and also organizes tours and activities for them. He received tribute from number of people and his works will be remembered forever.

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Roberto Casula

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Israel Mourns the Death of Rabbi Eckstein: The Originator of Israeli-Evangelical Ties  

The Israeli Jewish community loses a vital part as Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein passes away on 6th February, Wednesday, aged 67. His death has been announced by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the philanthropic organization he established in 1983.

Remembering the Rabbi at a glance

It was only in 2002 that Eckstein received his Israeli citizenship. Born in Winthrop, US, he was originally from a Canadian family. After having the holy orders conferred upon him, he began his endeavor of bringing together the Christian and the Jew communities. Moved by the plight of the vulnerable Israelis, he founded the IFCJ in 1983.

rabbi yechiel Eckstein

Now the organization has centers in several cities of Asia and the US and it tries to raise funds with the help of the evangelists. During the mass exodus of the Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel in the 1990s, Rabbi Eckstein got a chance to initiate his project “On Wings of Eagles”, the chief aim of which was to raise funds for the help of the needy immigrants. Because of his arduous efforts, the Fellowship has now become one of the largest nonprofit organizations of the nation, collecting over $140 million per year.

Recognition and criticism

For his attempts to solidify the bond between the Christians and the Jews, Yechiel Eckstein was aptly called the “bridge builder” by the author of his biography, published in 2015. However, he had also received disapprovals from members of religious sectors and some Israelis for considering evangelists the prime source of help. According to IFCJ reviews, the justification of his opponents was that receiving help from evangelists is an insult on the Jews and it may be a trap to convert the Jews into Christianity.

Regardless of all the criticisms, Eckstein will remain as a messiah to the Israelis forever.

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Roberto Casula eni

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Global warming and ways to reduce it in ways of Roberto casula

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Roberto classifies to find new output and mining generating areas so that, no single country is exploited in over-mining facilities and so that, the overall consumption and extraction of the fossil fuels are regularised. This way, we can save up a lot of fossil fuels for the future generation and also allow them to use it.

Roberto casula Eni has proven what being in the mining industry means to be. With all kind of innovation and foreseeable outlook, he is sure to bring a revolutionary change in the mining industry as a whole.

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